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Political Setups or Set ups


Political Set ups

Honestly honestly, I hate the term “Political Setup”. Maybe because in democracy a political system is not set up, it is elected, by the people, for the people. Since we Pakistanis have had set ups all way long since our independence, so terms like Political Setup, Horse Trading, Reconcilliation, Friendly Opposition, Alliances etc. are way too commonly used in our political circles and public in general compared to the world democracies.

I hate these kinds of terms also because mostly they’re used to show a common man that normal sort of political jugglings are being carried out but actually these terms are cover ups for major political ‘set ups’ which ultimately bring up people or parties to power which a common man hadn’t voted for in majority.

It’s us who actually let this happen, because we dont get involved in the process, though we like to watch tv for all political changes. We talk with great interest within our circle for good half an hour and conclude by saying “dafa karo yar, politics te hai hi guter!”.


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