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Political Setups or Set ups


Political Set ups

Honestly honestly, I hate the term “Political Setup”. Maybe because in democracy a political system is not set up, it is elected, by the people, for the people. Since we Pakistanis have had set ups all way long since our independence, so terms like Political Setup, Horse Trading, Reconcilliation, Friendly Opposition, Alliances etc. are way too commonly used in our political circles and public in general compared to the world democracies.

I hate these kinds of terms also because mostly they’re used to show a common man that normal sort of political jugglings are being carried out but actually these terms are cover ups for major political ‘set ups’ which ultimately bring up people or parties to power which a common man hadn’t voted for in majority.

It’s us who actually let this happen, because we dont get involved in the process, though we like to watch tv for all political changes. We talk with great interest within our circle for good half an hour and conclude by saying “dafa karo yar, politics te hai hi guter!”.


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Is Imran Khan The Only Hope For Pakistan?

Imran Khan - The Only hope?

Sometimes I wonder what’s next in store for Pakistan. Will these bomb blasts always continue? It has been a while since I heard something good about my country. A bad news followed by another bad news. The security crisis are on its peak. I don’t want to blame anyone for our situation. I would blame myself, as a Pakistani. I am responsible for all what’s happening because I was part of the vote bank! I am the one who voted these corrupt politicians to majority. The irony is that I knew how corrupt these people were, but I still went ahead to vote them to power. Shame on myself! But I didn’t have a choice! I was emotional with BB’s death, plus all candidates had elements of corruption.

Can I fix it?

Yes, why not! I will have to wait a little and should NOT lose hope. I should wait for the next elections. VOTE IS THE BIGGER WEAPON! And I will use this bazooka of vote against all those corrupt rulers! KaBoom!

But who should I vote for?

I have tried almost all of them, many times! I have tried Nawaz Sharif, have tried Benazir, have tried Zardari, have tried Musharraf with and without uniform, have tried Pervez Ilahi & party, have tried Altaf Hussain MQM, have tried Mullahs, have tried all of these. But they have made things worse. None of them delivered what they promised.

I will go ahead and try the one I have not tried yet! Imran Khan! Sometimes I am optimistic, WHAT IF he delivers?! Cool!! But I fear, will he bring peace? and will he bring all that we as a nation have desired for all those decades? Will we realize our national dreams? Will we experience the riches of prosperity, comfort of peace, knowledge for all, empowerment of ordinary Pakistanis, the rule of law, improved economy, employment, power houses etc.?

He says he will fight corruption as a first step. But I fear what if he falls into the hands of all these sick rulers? Will he become corrupt and start breaking power deals as well? Will he break our trust? I HOPE NOT! ..because if this happens! We’ll be doomed as a nation as he is the only hope, so far!

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